The Future of Efficient Air Travel

The Next Generation of Regional VTOL Aircraft

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We’re a sustainable aviation company building vertical take-off and landing aircraft to cut travel time in half on the world’s busiest routes.

Our aircraft redefines traditional air travel, enabling passengers to skip the hassle and delays of major airports while enjoying a private aviation experience at coach prices. Our advanced propulsion technology delivers 76% CO2 reduction compared to traditional aircraft.

The future of travel is here.

Not another air-taxi.
Our range covers 52% of domestic US air routes.

Our VTOL aircraft is more than an air taxi. While we can handle short-hops that connect airports with city centers, our aircraft flies up to 750 miles covering more than half of the busiest domestic routes in the US.

We are making travel corridors more efficient, reducing CO2 emissions by 76%. Odys Aviation is making getting from point A to point B effortless and sustainable.

We are a team of expert engineers from aerospace, electrification, and deep tech.

We've spent decades studying and creating the technologies of tomorrow. We've brought revolutionary transportation into mass production, designed specialized aeronautics, built electrified transportation systems, and advanced the science of fusion energy. Together, we’ve been learning, developing, building, testing, and preparing for this challenge our entire lives.

The sustainable future of aviation.

Odys Aviation is building safe, sustainable aircraft to reduce travel time on the world's busiest corridors.

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