Skip the Airport
Cut door-to-door travel times in half

We’re Odys Aviation, a sustainable aircraft startup.
We are building vertical take-off and landing aircraft for the world’s busiest routes.

Not another flying car.
Our range covers 65% of domestic air routes.

We are a team of expert engineers from deep tech and aerospace

We’ve built and flown custom drones. We’ve brought multiple automotive platforms into production. We’ve electrified transportation vehicles that magnetically levitate, that roll, that fly. Together, we’ve been learning, developing, building, testing, and preparing for this challenge our entire lives.


James Dorris

James built the propulsion & levitation tech & teams at Virgin Hyperloop, going from clean sheet to first tests in the Nevada desert in less than 14 months. In a previous life, he recieved his PhD in Fusion Energy Sciences at MIT and has always been driven by sustainability issues.

Axel Radermacher

Axel directed certification and start of production for Powertrain Hardware at Karma Automotive and led the development of new automotive EV platforms. Previously, he worked on sports cars, heavy trucks, and off-road vehicles.


We have the support of experienced aerospace veterans, without the constraints of the industry's assumptions and limitations.

Nikhil Goel

Uber Elevate

Brogan BamBrogan

Hyperloop One

Bryan Berthy

Former Director of Engineering
Lockheed Martin

Pedram Keyani

Former Director of Engineering

Christoper A. Hart

Former Chairman
National Transportation Safety Board

Melissa Rudinger

Vice President of Government Affairs, Regulatory Affairs

Raymond E. Johns, Jr

US Air Force, Ret.

Peter Bowler

Former CEO
American Eagle Airlines

A new day is dawning.

We imagine a world where travel is sustainable, convenient and affordable. Join us in making that vision a reality.

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