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Hybrid-electric aircraft for long-range freight transportation and parcel delivery.

Every year, $6 trillion worth of goods are transported by air, yet massive inefficiencies remain. Our hybrid-electric VTOL is designed to eliminate those inefficiencies, ensuring increased profitability, improved sustainability, and better services.

With 750 miles of range, enviable payload, and exceptional optionality, the Odys Aviation VTOL aircraft will transform how the world handles air freight and provide the most effective middle mile solution. Take off and land on traditional runways as well as vertiports and helipads, to open new routes and reduce hub and spoke limitations. Replace several trucks (and drivers) with multi-stop VTOL milk runs that are vastly more efficient, enabling overnight service at a two-day price.

Reduce Carbon Emissions for Your Air Freight Network

A versatile, sustainable VTOL to service existing air cargo routes.

Traditional wing aircraft with gas turbine engines produce a staggering amount of CO2 emissions every second they're in the air. Cargo airplanes make an estimated 500 grams of CO2 per metric ton of freight for every kilometer they travel. The air transportation industry is committed to achieving carbon-neutral growth, but progress is slow.

At Odys Aviation, we decarbonize air cargo while improving operational efficiency and electrifying flight miles. The hybrid-electric powertrain offers flexibility, handling flights up to 750 miles while dramatically reducing emissions. For the first 200 miles of the journey, our aircraft can run entirely on electric motors and battery power, achieving real net-zero air cargo transportation.

Better Operations for Air Cargo Carriers

Efficient Short-Hops and Regional Routes

Flight flexibility is crucial to the air cargo and parcel delivery industries and is an important part of the future of express logistics. The Odys VTOL aircraft delivers on all fronts, traveling short and long distances to bring freight anywhere. Fly last-mile aerial cargo delivery in the middle of a city, or complete regional flights to get goods to distribution centers in rural areas. The Odys Aviation aircraft covers all ranges.

A Secure Solution for Special Cargo and Critical Transport

Special cargo and critical transport are subject to unique regulations and require special handling. Challenging dimensions can also make traditional air cargo transportation costly. The Odys aircraft simplifies cargo operations. Our technology can deliver perishable items, medical supplies, temperature-regulated goods, and time-sensitive items to their destination quickly and safely.

Simple and Cost-Effective Aircraft Design and Maintenance

Our VTOL aircraft utilizes advanced propulsion technology, but maintenance cost is drastically reduced by minimizing traditional gas turbine use. Combustion-based turbine engines are notoriously complex, requiring expensive inspection and service to stay in the skies. That's not the case with the Odys Aviation aircraft. The hybrid-electric powertrain also allows turbine operation on mission portions that minimize turbine wear like cruising at high altitudes. This extends turbine life without sacrificing safety or efficiency.

Automated Flight Guidance and Fly-by-Line Navigation

Air cargo pilots can seamlessly transition to the Odys hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft. The cockpit has automated flight guidance and navigation systems pilots are comfortable using. It also sports precise controls and agility to make landing aircraft more manageable. Move between the bustling streets of San Francisco to small rural communities with the most efficient route possible. Our aircraft's range covers 52% of US domestic air routes, making it easy to transition to sustainable flight without a massive learning curve.

Why Hybrid-Electric VTOL Is Ideal for Cargo Transport

Hybrid-Electric is the solution to creating a network of sustainable air cargo transportation. Our VTOL cargo aircraft uses a powerful propulsion system to achieve vertical takeoff and fast forward flight, offering infinite possibilities for aerial cargo pick-up and delivery locations. More importantly, it provides an eco-friendly alternative to more commonly used aircraft.

The Odys Aviation aircraft represents the best of both worlds. The 200 miles of emission-free electric range results in better economics than the typical 60-mile range of electric-only air taxis. Meanwhile, longer missions benefit from the 750-mile range with significantly fewer emissions than a fuel-burning regional jet. It's a more sustainable and efficient way of transporting cargo, paving the way for greener travel.

Delivering the Future of Flight

Increased globalization and an ever-growing demand for airfreight don't have to create increased costs, demanding logistics, and skyrocketing emissions. At Odys Aviation, we see a better way to move air cargo. Our VTOL aircraft offers impressive rural and urban air mobility, moving goods closer to where they need to be while pushing for greater efficiency, greener operations, and lower costs.

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