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Long-range hybrid-electric passenger planes for commercial aviation.

Odys Aviation is building next-gen commercial aircraft that deliver exceptional value for airline operators and passengers.

Radically improve the flight experience, cut travel time in half, increase loyalty, capture premium passengers from competitors, reach new markets, and expand to routes that are currently unprofitable. Improve efficiency and sustainability while reducing cost-per-passenger.

Our aircraft uses a hybrid-electric propulsion system that is more efficient and sustainable than traditional jet engines, while offering far more range and capacity than battery-electric VTOL competitors. Our vectored thrust system allows the Odys Aviation aircraft to take off and land at vertiports and helipads as well as on traditional runways, ensuring maximum optionality.

With capacity for nine passengers and two pilots, a range of 750 miles, and incredible route optionality, our VTOL aircraft can handle short hops, international flights, and everything in between.

Achieve a Net-Zero Air Transport Network

Our hybrid-electric VTOL can sustainably service more than 52% of domestic US routes and many more globally.

Traditional aircraft will still be needed for transcontinental routes for decades to come. But our revolutionary hybrid-electric system dramatically reduces carbon emissions on regional routes. For the first 200 miles, the aircraft can operate entirely on electric motors and produce zero CO2 emissions. This makes net-zero air transportation possible for many short-haul flights.

With a maximum flight range of 750 miles, the Odys Aviation VTOL aircraft covers almost half of domestic passenger routes. Even on flights up to 600 miles, our VTOL aircraft can reduce emissions by 76% per passenger mile, compared to regional jets. This can dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of the aviation industry.

New Opportunities for Commercial Aviation

Enable profitable regional point-to-point routes

With traditional aircraft operating conventional routes, most regional flights are not profitable for airlines. Similarly, regional flights can be costly and inconvenient for passengers. Odys Aviation’s hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft revolutionizes point-to-point travel, cutting travel times, reducing costs, and bringing passengers closer to their final destination.

Redefine the traditional hub-and-spoke network

For decades, the hub-and-spoke model has been an inconvenient necessity for commercial operators, reducing overall costs but increasing congestion and complexity. Now, with the optionality of the Odys Aviation hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft, operators can redefine their networks to increase customer choice and reduce costs, all without adding more airport slots.

Opportunities for new markets, bypassing airports

Optionality allows for expanding reach, and Odys delivers. Take off and land on traditional airport runways as well as helipads and vertiports. Recharge for 200 miles of battery-electric flight or refuel for 750 miles of total range. The versatility and efficiency of our aircraft allow operators to bypass airports, opening up many new market opportunities.

Capture premium, loyal passengers from competitors

Quieter, quicker, more direct, less costly, more convenient, less congestion. Improved health, safety, and sustainability. An incredible, luxurious flight experience. Air travel with Odys is simply better. Premium passengers will never want to go back to the outdated, traditional travel experience.

The Hybrid-Electric Edge

Why VTOL? Range, efficiency, optionality, and sustainability.

Odys Aviation uses a hybrid-electric system to power our VTOL aircraft, significantly reducing emissions and offering many operational advantages. Hybrid-electric propulsion represents the goldilocks zone for VTOL, providing more fully electric range than electric-only aircraft.

Our hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft can fly fully electric for the first 200 miles of its 750 mile range, vastly outperforming battery-electric VTOL aircraft that average 60 miles of range. With the option to refuel or recharge (or both), our aircraft offers exceptionally fast turn times, even when charging availability is limited.

Safety and Security Are Core Priorities

Advanced technology to ensure passenger safety every step of the way.

At Odys Aviation, safety is always the top priority. Our mission as a regional air mobility company is to achieve impressive travel performance with transport class safety. While we can’t share everything we are working on, we will offer the safety features of traditional aviation as well as new emerging safety technologies and performance enhancements from electrified propulsion to exceed the highest safety standards of advanced air mobility.

Our engineering team has decades of experience in aerospace technology, with the expertise to create safe VTOL aircraft that operators and passengers can trust.

Building the Future of Flight

At Odys Aviation, we envision a better way to travel commercially that is safe, efficient, and sustainable. We will allow you to extend your reach to capture new customers and premium markets. Loyalty from a superior regional offering will drive customers into your traditional long haul network. Our VTOL aircraft will turn this into a reality, bringing the aviation industry to a brand-new era of endless possibilities.

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