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At Odys Aviation, we are building a more efficient means of air transportation utilizing advanced technology and sustainable aircraft. Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) isn't a far-off concept or a product of science fiction. We're here to make it a reality.

Odys Aviation is pushing the aviation industry into brand-new territory. We're developing transformational vertical takeoff and landing aircraft that will move people and cargo more efficiently than ever. Our aircraft can provide a solution to aviation's growing sustainability problem, leading to greener operations, cleaner skies, and a remarkable customer experience

The Promise of Advanced Aircraft Technology

Air mobility utilizes new technologies and innovative aircraft designs to develop an air transportation system that's more efficient and sustainable than today. Current air travel relies on fuel-burning airplanes that produce almost a billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Furthermore, standard planes need significant takeoff and landing infrastructure, resulting in congested airports, inefficient travel corridors, and other headaches.

Odys Aviation is redefining travel. Our hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft will have the range to cover 52% of current US domestic air routes and many more globally. Pair the vertical takeoff and landing capabilities with significantly lower emissions, and our aircraft can replace many of the gas turbine regional aircraft soaring the skies today. But that's not all.

With a range of up to 750 miles, our revolutionary aircraft surpasses the average 60-mile range of air taxis in the electric vertical takeoff space. Our design can handle regional flights and international travel, expanding where AAM can take you.

Charting the Future of Air Travel

The sky's the limit with our advanced technology and innovative hybrid-electric aircraft design. At Odys Aviation, versatility is the name of the game. We are developing aircraft that can handle everything from short-hop travel to international flights, for a more sustainable way to travel the world. Odys gives you the range you want.

Connecting Communities Sustainably

Hybrid-electric VTOL enables sustainable, efficient air travel

Odys Aviation’s hybrid-electric aircraft offers 200 miles of all-electric flight and 750 miles of total range, with cabin capacity for two pilots and nine passengers. This enables exceptional efficiency and sustainability at all ranges, reducing carbon emissions by up to 76% per passenger mile.

Connect cities and communities not serviced today

A critical component of Advanced Air Mobility is equitable, sustainable, convenient access for all travelers. With revolutionary flight-path optionality, our aircraft makes it possible to connect cities and communities that are not serviced today, benefiting passengers and airlines alike.

Stimulate new point-to-point markets

The flight-path optionality of the Odys VTOL opens new opportunities with efficient point-to-point routes. Circumvent congested airports and create new route options that are more convenient for passengers and more profitable for operators. Tap vast new markets without adding airport slots.

Capture premium travelers with a superior experience

Premium passengers have high standards, and their loyalty is extremely valuable. The Odys Aviation flight experience is vastly superior to traditional air travel, offering passengers convenience, comfort, luxury, and an in-air experience that truly renews the magic of air travel. Newly captured passengers will never look back.

Why Hybrid-Electric VTOL?

Hybrid-electric VTOL has critical advantages over battery-only electric VTOL; namely range, speed, and passenger capacity.

The Odys hybrid-electric VTOL is capable of fully electric flight for up to 200 miles. After that, the hybrid-electric propulsion provides an additional 550 miles of range, for a max range of 750 miles. Our aircraft can accommodate nine passengers and two pilots, a key advantage over lower capacity eVTOL aircraft.

The Odys aircraft is capable of altitudes of 30,000 feet, max speeds of 345 miles per hour, and provides more flexibility in route choice, landing sites, and more.

About Odys Aviation

Odys Aviation is an advanced air mobility company that employs some of the most brilliant minds in aerospace technology. Our team consists of engineers who have worked on some of the most high-profile tech and infrastructure projects in recent history, preparing them for one of the most significant challenges they'll ever encounter. We're changing the face of commercial, industrial, and private flight forever.

Building a Better Way to Travel

Odys Aviation is forging a new era of growth in aviation. The many challenges facing air travel can be solved, and we believe we are the solution. Follow us as we make air travel efficient, sustainable, and enjoyable.

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