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Long-range hybrid-electric aircraft for commercial aviation.

Odys Aviation is an aircraft company in Long Beach, California. We're transforming air transportation by developing aircraft that deliver long-range performance and sustainability. Our team is revolutionizing commercial aviation, by focusing on low-emission operations and a better passenger experience, and developing new modes of transportation that positively impact communities worldwide.

Our hybrid-electric aircraft offers more range, higher cruising altitudes, faster speeds, and more passenger capacity than other VTOL aircraft, making our design an ideal option for airlines, private charters, and everything in between.

Why Odys Aviation?

We’re building hybrid VTOL aircraft to sustainably service the world’s busiest routes.

The Odys Aviation aircraft will change the face of air travel forever. Our hybrid-electric propulsion system is revolutionary, making sustainable aviation possible for the first time. The Odys VTOL aircraft has a range of up to 750 miles, covering 52% of domestic routes in the United States. That range surpasses the standard all-electric VTOL several times over, making it a practical addition to the fleets of major airlines. It presents an opportunity to expand operations and improve efficiency. But that's not all.

Our propulsion system can travel up to 200 miles without a drop of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Short-hop air taxi rides and short-distance regional trips outside the city can have zero CO2 emissions, dramatically decreasing the negative environmental impact. Compared to regional airplanes powered by gas turbines, the Odys Aviation aircraft produces up to 76% fewer emissions. Our aircraft will serve the world's busiest travel corridors, making journeys more sustainable while cutting door-to-door travel time down by 50%.

ESG with Odys Aviation

Working to reduce emissions, improve infrastructure, and connect communities.

With Odys Aviation, companies can obtain outstanding ESG. Our hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft is a valuable investment that supports the environment and communities. Our aircraft have the capability and optionality to serve a range of regional distance missions routes, ensuring the potential to reshape aviation infrastructure from top to bottom.

Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft don't require lengthy runways. All it needs is a helipad or vertiport. The compact landing footprint opens up a world of possibilities, giving passengers more convenient travel routes closer to city centers. Both major airlines and private charter companies can benefit from new infrastructure, developing new point-to-point routes that generate more revenue while eliminating the long hours and painful experience of commercial flights.


James Dorris

Before becoming the co-founder of Odys Aviation, James Dorris held leadership roles at GoogleX, Hyperloop One, and Arrivo. He has over 15 years of experience developing core technologies and building transportation systems. His interest in sustainability and efficiency began at the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center. During his Fusion Energy Research, James created hardware to localize plasma instabilities, an accomplishment that would spark an ongoing interest in sustainable transportation systems.

James Dorris

CEO James Dorris co-founded Odys Aviation in 2019 alongside Axel Radermacher. James Dorris is a veteran of the aerospace and transportation industries, previously working at Virgin Hyperloop One, GoogleX, and Arrivo. His dedication to sustainability issues dates back to his time at MIT, and he spent his time at Hyperloop One leading propulsion and levitation teams.

Axel Radermacher

Axel spent his 20-year career advancing transportation by bringing together technology, design, and business.  He is an expert at bringing new products to market including concept, development, launch, and sustainment. Previous companies include Karma, Fisker, and Volvo where he electrified and redefined luxury sports cars, heavy duty trucks, and off-road vehicles. At Odys, his core mission is assuring the product and the company exceed the needs of the customer and the market.

Axel Radermacher

Axel Radermacher's role at Odys Aviation is to ensure that the product meets consumer and market needs. Before becoming Odys Aviation, co-founder Axel Radermacher was Karma's Chief Vehicle Engineer for EV platforms. In that role, he electrified luxury sports cars, trucks, and off-road vehicles to meet the growing demand of consumers who prioritize sustainability and new technology.


We have a talented team of brilliant engineers working hard to create our revolutionary vertical takeoff aircraft. Our engineering teams consist of aerospace experts, veteran engineers, and transportation innovators. We're working together to develop a product that will push aviation further, making air travel more convenient, sustainable, and accessible.

Uwe Kiesewetter

Chief Engineer

Jonathan Stephens

Head of Certification & Airworthiness

Aymeric Kron

GNC Technical Lead

Vincent Frascogna

VP of Business Development

Sojin Yoon

General Counsel

Sha Beizaee

Head of Structures

Eve Doolin

Design Lead

Louise Bristow

Head of Marketing

Tanay Manjrekar

Power Systems Specialist


Investors are helping us bring our vision and patented VTOL architecture to life. A few of our most prominent current investors and partners include Soma Capital, Giant Ventures, Kyle Vogt, Pedram Keyani, Brogan BamBrogan, Uber Elevate co-founder Nikhil Goel, Countdown Capital, and Y Combinator.

Raymond E. Johns, Jr

Retired United States Air Force General

Bryan Berthy

Former director of engineering at Lockheed Martin

Stephen Rodriguez

Managing Partner of One Defense

Christoper A. Hart

Former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board

Melissa Rudinger

Vice president of Government Affairs, Regulatory Affairs at Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

Peter Bowler

Former CEO of American Eagle Airlines

Nikhil Goel

Co-Founder of Uber Elevate

Brogan BamBrogan

Co-Founder of Hyperloop One

Pedram Keyani

Former director of engineering at Facebook

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