Careers at Odys Aviation

We're building the VTOL aircraft and propulsion systems of tomorrow. Our mission is to transform the aviation industry and lead the pack to a new era of sustainable and efficient air travel. We want to tap into your expertise. Become a part of the team, love your job, and stake your place in aviation history.

We are a team of expert engineers from deep tech and aerospace

We have a talented team of expert aeronautical engineers and innovators in sustainable transportation who push the boundaries of current aerospace technology. Your future colleagues aren't average. They have tremendous experience and contributed to some of the most significant projects of the last two decades. We've built new aircraft, developed entirely new automotive platforms, and used our skills to create revolutionary transportation solutions at previous jobs.

Now it's time to apply those skills to the sky. See what positions are available and join us as we prepare for the next evolution of air travel.

Our mission

We build safe, sustainable aircraft to reduce travel time on the world's busiest corridors.

Our mission at Odys Aviation is to build the aircraft of tomorrow. We develop and build vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft powered by state-of-the-art hybrid-electric propulsion systems. We focus on missions that matter - routes that are highly traveled and where we can make a difference for many. Our design will transform the aviation industry, providing new options for passengers, more capabilities for airlines, and sustainable options for anyone looking to travel in the most efficient way possible.

Core values