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Advanced VTOL airplanes for personal, corporate, and executive flight.

Odys Aviation is ushering in the next era of private air travel. Current gas turbine private jets present many challenges. Not only are they limited to taking off and landing on a conventional runway, but they are costly to operate and significant contributors to the climate crisis.

We make air travel more convenient and sustainable. Odys Aviation is developing an hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft that creates a more efficient way to connect cities, businesses, and homes. With less CO2 than traditional fuel-burning aircraft and more range than any electric-only aircraft available this decade, our VTOL concept will change the general aviation landscape, opening up a world of possibilities for private charters, business flights, and more.

Short Hop or Long Range

Door-to-door in half the time.

Whether it's long international flights or short-distance hops to city centers, our VTOL aircraft makes getting passengers to their destination effortless. Private planes may be more convenient than commercial flights, but they still have strict limitations due to the reliance on conventional runways and busy airports.

The Odys Aviation VTOL aircraft cuts the ground travel, and offers a 750-mile range that can cover the entirety of the UK, service most business aviation trips, and connect cities around the world. Hybrid-electric vertical takeoff and landing capabilities turn the time-consuming, traditional flight experience into an efficient and sustainable way to travel.

The Future of Private Aviation

Business Travel

Tens of thousands of business jet flights take to the skies annually. We make business travel sustainable, helping companies improve efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint. From traveling between regional locations or to international headquarters, our VTOL handles all the ranges.

Charter Operators

The Odys Aviation aircraft will be the most efficient addition to a charter operator's fleet and let you tap into a whole new customer base. Our aircraft’s hybrid-electric propulsion system can run entirely on battery power for the first 200 miles, making short-haul charter flights more profitable than ever.

Executive Aircraft

High-level executives can't afford to waste time driving to airports, taxiing on runways, or being delayed in a busy FBO. Our VTOL aircraft streamlines executive travel, providing a stellar passenger experience from helipad to runway and back.

Personal Aircraft

The unique design of our vertical takeoff and landing aircraft accommodates nine passengers and two pilots. It's a modern, lightweight aircraft that is quiet and comfortable with seating options that fit your needs. With vertical takeoff and efficient hybrid-electric propulsion, the Odys aircraft allows you to enjoy the future of flight while keeping your carbon footprint low.

Vertical Takeoff and Landing

Launch and land from a helipad, airport, or home vertiport.

Our VTOL capabilities are a game-changer, creating routes that forgo conventional runways in favor of compact landing and takeoff sites. The Odys Aviation aircraft uses a blown-wing design with a high-lift flap system. The flap system controls along with the thrust from the rotors, giving pilots infinite adjustability while precisely navigating the aircraft.

Optionality is key. You can take off and land from conventional airports and runways but also from helipads in city centers and vertiports at private residences or remote locations - getting closer to your final destination is easier than ever. The Odys VTOL aircraft lets passengers avoid congested highways, streamlining frequent commutes like Los Angeles to San Francisco, New York to Washington, D.C., and more. Land in the center of cities where traditional airplanes can’t go.

High-Speed Hybrid-Electric Aircraft

Advanced technology for efficient private air travel.

Our hybrid-electric aircraft is built to outperform all-electric VTOL competitors. We can handle short hops, international flights, and everything in between. Our design has a range of up to 750 miles, at altitudes up to 30,000 feet, while cruising at 345 miles per hour, all while carrying 9 passengers. All-electric VTOL simply can’t achieve this kind of performance or comfort.

The Odys Aviation VTOL has high-speed capabilities that surpass helicopters and air taxi rivals, so it is more versatile for personal and executive air travel. The new technology is a revolutionary solution that tackles many challenges of modern aviation, and presents a sustainable alternative to private jet use.

Sustainable Flight for Outstanding ESG

Companies and public figures go to great lengths to positively impact communities, improve sustainability, and protect their brand. But business jet use is one of the most substantial drags on ESG and is seen as wasteful excess by the public. Private airplanes dramatically increase a company's carbon footprint, setting back other investments and creating a low ESG score.

Our goal at Odys Aviation is to pave the way for sustainable corporate air travel. Our VTOL aircraft produces roughly 76% less carbon emissions per passenger mile than a typical regional jet. Many charter flights are less than 200 miles, where the Odys Aviation aircraft can rely entirely on all-electric battery power, producing zero CO2 emissions.

It’s Time for a Better Way to Travel

Odys Aviation is developing a range of sustainable, high-performance aircraft to usher in a new and improved way to fly. Travel will never be the same.

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