Knighthood Global Invests in Odys Aviation to Support Sustainable Aircraft Manufacturing

May 4, 2023

Abu Dhabi & Long Beach, CA, 3 May 2023 - Knighthood Global has invested in Odys Aviation, a sustainable aircraft company building hybrid-electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft for regional connectivity based in Long Beach, California.

As part of the arrangement, James Hogan, Chairman of Knighthood Global, and Camiel Eurlings, a Partner of the aviation, travel and tourism advisory firm, will also serve on the Advisory Board of Odys Aviation, sharing their commercial experience and deep aviation expertise to expand the organisation’s global presence. 

James Dorris, Co-founder and CEO of Odys Aviation, said: “Our aircraft will revolutionize commercial aviation.  We envision a future of travel that is sustainable, efficient, and delivers an exceptional passenger experience.”

“Our plans are revolutionary, bridging the gap between existing technology and fully electric aviation, bringing the future of flight to life.

”By collaborating with Knighthood, we will expand our depth of industry experience and market reach to travellers, operators, and investors around the world.”

James Hogan, Chairman of Knighthood Global, said: “Our investment in Odys represents a very exciting opportunity for us to play a role in the future of sustainable global aviation. Air-taxis miss the mark, Odys is developing sustainable VTOL aircraft to cut the travel time in half on busy travel corridors and create a new era of aviation untethered from runways and large airports.”

Knighthood joins a group of significant investors and partners, including the United States Air Force, which is confident that the technology will play an important role in future defense operations. Cargo has also been identified as a key opportunity for the Odys aircraft for both defense and commercial markets. 

“We know that aviation is an indispensable driver of the global economy. However, it has to change fundamentally to meet the industry’s agreed zero carbon commitment, and to reduce its negative environmental impact. 

“It is only by harnessing this new technology and through ongoing investment that aviation can evolve to meet these significant global challenges. We are very pleased to be supporting this team of inspiring, visionary people,” Mr Hogan added.

About Knighthood Global

Knighthood Global is an advisory and consultancy company set up by James Hogan in 2017. Its team of specialist partners brings together decades of experience and expertise in multiple key industry sectors. They offer unique operational and strategic insights and expertise gained while working with and for public and private sector stakeholders and business partners in the aviation, travel and tourism industry.

Using deep global expertise in business strategy and advisory, transformation, capital structuring and sourcing, and investment services, Knighthood works collaboratively with governments, airlines, airports, MROs, and travel companies seeking out synergies and economies of scale to create strategies that deliver real value to corporations and countries.

Knighthood Global is based in Abu Dhabi and has offices in Geneva and Malta. For more information visit 

About Odys Aviation

Odys Aviation is an advanced air mobility company that was established in 2019 to make travel seamless and efficient. The Odys mission is to build safe, sustainable aircraft to reduce travel time on the world's busiest corridors. With a 750 mile range, Odys services 52% of domestic US air routes and many more globally. Using hybrid-electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) technology, Odys is forging the next step in commercial aviation, cutting travel times in half while significantly reducing the industry's carbon footprint. For more information, visit

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Stay Up to Date with Odys Aviation

Follow the Odys Aviation team as we continue test flights, earn type-certification, and change the way that the world travels. Stay in the loop as we take to the skies.